Video Marketing

How can you quickly present new ideas?

Videos are the ideal medium to present and explain complex concepts. They come with the added bonus that people tend to remember what catches their eye far better than if they read it.

How can you venture into the unknown realm of video marketing?

Stress-free of course!

We take care of the entire process for you.

Script writing

Script writing

Voice-over recording

Voice-over recording

Material selection

Material selection



Music & sound effects

Music & sound effects

You receive a final product that is ready to go wherever you need to keep your audience engaged and interacting with you.

Motion graphics, 2D animations or live videos… Which one should you choose?

Why choose when you can have them all!

They all serve different purposes and applications. Combine different types of videos to reach your audience at different stages within the sales funnel.

Check out our portfolio to see which suits you best.

Motion Graphics

They are more than just text and images appearing across your screen, they are especially animated to convey movement, dynamism and rhythm to the beat of a song.

Motion graphics are ideal for product launches, exhibition booth videos, invitations to webinars and events, special announcements, or social media content… The applications are endless!

Their highly dynamic nature makes them the perfect explainer video for short format applications. They are also useful as looping animations to keep your audience visually engaged at any time.

2D Animations

They are ideal for explaining unique selling points and simplifying complex concepts whilst maintaining a straightforward narrative.

2D animations typically center around characters, which means they are great for story-based videos that aim at helping you connect to users on a more personal level.

Get your audience to identify with your characters, explain how your solutions work, evoke good memories from their childhood and gain their trust easily through simple, yet well designed cartoons.

Live Action Videos

We can expertly combine any live action footage with high-quality stock videos to produce professional-looking corporate presentations, video catalogues, video tutorials, and so much more.

Showing how your team, solutions, and company look and behave in real life is an awesome way to make your audience feel closer to you than ever!

Video Translations

Take full advantage of your new audiovisual material!

We translate the scripts and hire professional voice actors in more than 30 languages.