Video Marketing Portfolio​

Motion graphics videos

These videos are ideal to add dynamism to your social media posts, product launches, exhibition booths, ads, and so much more!

Different options to fit your needs:

Animated motion graphics

Combine the novelty of motion graphics combined with charismatic character design.

The main benefits of this type of video:

The flexibility of use that motion graphics guarantees is only enhanced by the addition of fun, 2D characters that help you attract and fascinate new audiences.

Motion graphics + Voice-over

You can have all the dynamism of motion graphics combined with the storytelling of a compelling narration.

The benefits of these videos:

Captivate your audiences attention with simple, fun animated texts and transitions and engage them in what you have to say through an effective voice-over.

Live action videos

Perfect for corporate presentations, testimonials, tutorials, video catalogs, and product videos.

The benefits of these videos:

Generate high levels of engagement by combining the authenticity of your raw footage with the versatility of stock videos, all tied together with compelling narration.

2D animation

Embrace the power of storytelling to communicate your unique selling points in an appealing way.

Why would a high-tech company need animations?

Gone are the days of dry, direct selling tactics. Today, it’s all about captivating your audience with compelling stories.

Video translations

Reach new audiences and make them empathize with your brand