Graphic Design Portfolio

Let our work do the talking

We have compiled some of our most recent projects: what we were requested, how we tackled each one individually, and the final results.

Rebranding - IT Tech

IT Technologies

After 30 years of maintaining the​ same style, the client wanted to carry out a full rebranding.

They wanted this new modern visual identity to highlight sustainability as a key feature of their business proposition. ​


Beamagine, a budding start-up, sought to consolidate their branding through the creation of new marketing material.

We provided an updated, more cohesive visual identity that incorporated their pre-existing designs in a neater and clearer way.

Brand consolidation - BEAMAGINE
Corporate documentation and social media content creation - YEM

YEM – Your Export Manager

YEM requested we carry out the full redesign of their visual identity.

They wanted to achieve a clean and dynamic design that reflected their modern and creative approach to business development.


This client needed to adapt their packaging design for two new co-branded products.

In this case, our main focus was on adhering to pre-existing design guidelines whilst updating them to better showcase the products in question.

Packaging design - KHL
Mukiku Portfolio - ChromVTrap - Final Logo

ChromVTrap by IT TECH

The client requested we create a new logo for their new brand ChromVTrap.

This new logo needed to maintain a similar aesthetics to their pre-existing brand ChromineX.