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An introduction to SEO:
How to improve your online traffic

In simple terms, SEO aims at improving your position in the results for a determined search term. It is extremely useful if used to its maximum potential. 

Let’s first start by defining the three pillars of SEO, authority, relevance, and trust, through a short example: 

Say you need to do some research on physics and general relativity in the times before the internet. Your best choice would be to go directly to a physicist rather than a biologist, and even better if it’s Einstein, the very creator of the theory himself. 

How is that relevant? 

  • Einstein’s authority is undeniable when it comes to the creation of his own scientific theory.
  • Any physicist’s knowledge would be far more relevant to relativity that pretty much any other scientists. 
  • Given Einstein’s fame and prestige, you are more likely to trust his answers. 

Therefore, we can reach the following conclusion: while authority relates to topical knowledge and expertise, relevance is how applicable that knowledge is to your specific search, and trust is associated with how your audience views your content and how likely they are to rely on you to obtain said knowledge. 

How is all this related to SEO? 

Search engines use these concepts in a complex network of algorithms to basically rank your website. 

Knowing how search engines do this is the first step towards planning your content to get the most views and clicks possible without having to spend a single dollar on advertisement.  

After all, that is one of the key goals of SEO, improve both the quality and the quantity of organic traffic. In this context, organic traffic is any traffic that you don’t have to pay for. 

Given that search engines are designed to understand how people search and access content and therefore predict which content will be more useful to them based on their search terms, it is crucial to strike the right balance between writing for the bots to see you and writing to engage your audience. 

First of all, we need to identify your audience and target terms you want to aim your SEO strategies at. Once we have thoroughly analysed the keyword search and organic competition associated with these terms, we can begin to plan the kind of content we will need to create to enhance your page rank and get Google to notice you. 

Here are 3 SEO tips to get you started 

  • Exploit social networks  

It is a simple and easy way to increase your interconnectivity and create a stronger presence. 

If you have LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Reddit, or any other social media profile, you can take advantage of this by interlinking them. This will also help you funnel the different target audiences each platform has towards your website. 

  • Create effective permalinks 

It is better to have your permalinks be simple and easy to remember. That is why you should avoid long strings of numbers or random unrelated words. 

The permalink for this post is a great example, we could have made it something like this: 

“/20210522/what-is-SEO-is-it-necessary-2/” or “SEO-optimisation-useful-tips/”. 

But instead, we have chosen to go with “/what-is-SEO/” which is simple and straightforward. 

*Bonus tip: remember to use hyphens and not underscores. Google considers an underscore as an extension of the word and this can confuse the bots and reduce page rank. 

  • Video, video, video 

Multimedia content, video specially, is more likely to be better positioned on its own. 

It is no secret that videos, even more so if they are short and engaging, can elevate any content and make it a lot more interesting. 

It doesn’t matter which platform you use; videos are a great way to bolster any text post by generating a stronger presence which in turn derives into higher authority and trust. 

These are just a few small tips for you to get a better idea of how far-reaching SEO is and how important it is to have a consistent strategy to guide you. 

If you have any doubts or comments, don’t hesitate to let us know. 

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