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B2B Digital Marketing

5 B2B Digital Marketing Strategies You Need To Know

By definition, B2B companies need to attract other companies, not end-users, and for that reason, they require marketing strategies designed to improve their image and appeal in very specific ways. 

Let’s explore 5 fundamental strategies for your B2B digital marketing plan: 

1. Interesting websites 

Now more than ever, websites are your presentation card, the way others are most likely to first interact with your company. 

On average, a visitor will at most read only 28% of the text. Therefore, this means you must carefully plan your website structure to make it interesting and engaging not only for laptop or desktop viewers but for mobile users as well. 

Responsive web development is key because many business interactions are done through our mobile phones. 

2. Effective SEO 

As we discussed in a previous blog post, effective SEO helps search engines find you and raises you higher in the rankings, thus making you more visible for people who search for topics related to you and your company. 

Now, SEO is quite complex so it is always best to rely on professionals to expertly design and construct your websites. 

These are some SEO practices you should take into account: 

  • Front-load your main keywords 
  • Optimise your page’s loading speed 
  • Optimise your title tags and images 
  • Use one keyword per title 
  • Use internal links 
  • Publish quality content 
  • Build backlinks 

We will go into more detail about all of these in the future, so stay tuned! 

3. Engaging video content 

Informative, snazzy, and visually appealing videos that explain your mission, experience, and added value can be a great way to reach new audiences and keep them interested in what you do and how you do it. 

Most people claim to be visual learners; there is a common misconception that 65% of all learners are visual learners. While that percentage may be untrue, it is undeniable that we live in a very visual age, and we constantly seek and rely on audiovisual content to aid in our learning experiences. 

The same principle applies to sales and marketing: short, dynamic videos that are full of useful information are the best way to create buzz and engagement around your brand. 

4. Efficient PPC campaigns 

Pay-per-click advertising allows you to speed up the process of attracting new clients. 

In most cases, you pay for every click that users make on those ads that lead to your site. However, on some platforms, you may also have the ability to choose to pay per impression, video view, or on-site engagement. 

It is easy to see how they can become valuable tools for building brand awareness, generating leads, and driving conversions. On the other hand, these campaigns require careful planning and execution by professionals to really make the most out of every cent you invest. 

Creative and highly targeted ad campaigns that use keywords effectively will allow you to focus your efforts and therefore achieve better quality leads. 

5. Strong social media presence 

You may think that it’s better to avoid using social media platforms to generate B2B engagement, well, you’d better think again. 

Social media, while it’s labour-intensive and requires thought to ensure you keep your visitors engaged, is stronger than ever; platforms like Instagram are becoming even more popular than their now parent company, Facebook. 

One of the best ways to use social media is to promote and leverage your own blog posts. Cross-platform promotion can be great for your SEO as well. 

You can share tons of useful information on these platforms to build trust with your potential customers: 

  • Industry tips and news 
  • Pain point solutions 
  • Updates on your products and services 
  • Client stories and video testimonials 
  • Instructional videos 
  • Case studies and white papers on your website 

However you wish to approach your next campaign, remember that it’s key to encourage sharing and to create a strong sense of a company culture that inspires your audience to interact with you. 

Which of these strategies was your favourite? Let us know in the comments below. 

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